Why my dad never loved me from the start maybe I was a mistake or he didn’t have no heart to be a man and raise his kids. Why did he leave my life I always ask myself that or maybe he thought I was bad little brat why did he beat my mom I will never understand that how can a man beat my mom and never face his mistake or maybe I was that mistake.

Dad how could you tell me you going pick me up and never show up have me stand in front of the door and turn around looking at my mom looking for answers there was days I when I grew up and realize I never Be this person but just when I thought I had it together I felt I lit bit of you in my head talking about when is that day you going be dead. Just 2 years ago he died caught me off guard but i was finally at peace after a few min of breaking down then I finally realize my dad was never around. So all the pain I have I still struggle when I wanted answer he wasn’t around to hear me see me or teach me So all the years you Been Alive you couldn’t take care of us. ‘This why a male figure in my life cant be with no trust.